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Manchurian Survival, a world map by kyuzoaoi
Manchurian Survival, a world map
A world map about a story on the same vein as :iconmdc01957:'s RDNA Hetalia universe. It's about the survival of Manchukuo as an independent nation even after the Axis defeat in World War II, but as a Soviet satellite.

The Point of Divergence is that some Chinese Manchurian communists were not killed or betrayed to the Japanese in the early 1940s. As a result, there is a viable reason for Stalin for Manchuria being established as a separate state, and he was helped by a coup de-etat in Manchukuo in 1945, guided by these Manchurian communists, and done by a closet Communist Manchukuo army officer. When the Kuomintang tried to attack Manchuria in early 1946, they faced not Chinese Communists but a new army called the Manchurian People's Republican Army. The Chinese Civil War goes the way as in our world, but the Uyghurs end up becoming a client Soviet state and Tibet managing to survive in its non-communist form until 1959, when pro-USSR Tibetan communists take over the country. 

The Taiwanese develop nuclear weapons immediately as the PRC exploded its nuclear weapon in 1964, and it was accelerated when Manchuria decided in 1986 to develop its own nuclear bomb and it does.

The PRC have the Sino-Soviet split earlier, culminating in an invasion of Manchuria that ended in failure. The Soviets then were "invited" by Manchuria to station troops, and the Soviets stationed nukes as well. Because Manchuria largely takes the place of China in the Korean War, China sends its People's Volunteer Army to North Vietnam instead. As a result, Mao was forced to backtrack some of his radical ideas and permitted Nixon to visit China. China reforms as in OTL.

The Soviets fell not in Afghanistan, in which the Soviets wisely have the Uyghurs meddle instead (but with mixed results, though the Taliban controlled fewer territories than in RL thanks to more Afghan government competence), they did instead in almost assassinating King Bhumibol of Thailand and invading and carving up the Isan region of Thailand as a Thai People's Republic (though the Laotians toyed around with annexing it as they claim Isan is Lao) along with Manchuria in 1981 as a revenge for supporting the Khmer Rouge. Despite Manchurian, Lao, and Vietnamese help, they failed to conquer the south thanks to Indonesian and Malaysian intervention and by 1983, after the Able Archer incident, the Soviets withdraw their troops from Northeastern Thailand.

Manchuria by 1991 free of Soviet puppetization, and allowed free elections in 1989, but its government degenerated to have a system similar to Russia in the timeline "Zhirinovsky's Russian Empire", though much, much saner. The result of their machinations in Africa bore fruit: they stopped civil unrest in Africa, and developed war-torn African states, but on the price of their leaders being dependent on Changchun, effectively turning the International Economic Assistance Association into a Manchurian COMECON. But their attempt in annexing North Korea went bad: when they invaded North Korea after assassinating Kim Jong-il in 1998, the South Koreans reacted by both declaring war and their threat to use their nuclear arsenal, a product of the Park Chung-hee administration. Despite defeating the North Korean Army, they backtracked on attacking the advancing South Koreans when Moscow and Washington both warned their patrons to stop or no economic aid will be received. 

The War on Terror is largely like OTL. There was in 2014 in Syria and Iraq a self-styled jihadist state, but alas, their terrorism and brutality had enraged the world even further; their fatal mistake is to have their terrorists attack Moscow with gunmen. As a result, Kurdistan and Assyria became independent, a joint Russian-Western invasion of ISIS has been conducted, and their leaders are either killed or brought to Moscow to face the death penalty, in which they did. 

But the biggest coup is in Dubai, where the Arab Spring the UAE leaders have tried to prevent failed in 2014; riots by foreign workers aided by Manchurian soldiers dressed as mercenaries carved a pro-Manchurian state called the Republic of New Dubai. Alas, the Burj Khalifa tower as renamed the Zhao Shangzhi tower.

Meanwhile, there was turmoil in Africa. Chinese, Taiwanese, and Manchurian companies all vie for control of their puppet states. Their puppet states will be the pawns for the next World War in 2016, if the nations could not agree to let go of their prejudices against each other. Washington, Moscow, London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Ottawa, and New Delhi might join the fray if it was not stopped. 

The world is now a powder keg waiting to explode, and war is inevitable.

Or was it?

Credits to :iconsregan: for his world map as a template.

I don't own Hetalia. Hetalia is (C) Himaruya Hidekaz.
Uniforms of the Korean Empire (Alternate History) by kyuzoaoi
Uniforms of the Korean Empire (Alternate History)
These are the uniforms from the timeline of Daigensui from World of Tanks forums named Daikoraikoku, or a Korea that survives Japanese annexation.

Credits for uniform parts: Tounushi, Tounushifan, Zared-Tregonwell, JoeyLock.
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