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Thankfully, most of them would be dismissed as nuisance candidates. 

Seriously, I doubt if they get ever to be taken seriously.


Thankfully, most of them would be dismissed as nuisance candidates. 

Seriously, I doubt if they get ever to be taken seriously.
Untitled TL from Marshal Braginsky by kyuzoaoi
Untitled TL from Marshal Braginsky
:iconmarshalbraginsky: made a request again, so I made a map. 

The POD he said is that the North won the Korean War, but Kim Il-Sung was purged and the pro-Chinese faction took over. Korea thus become more pro-Chinese than in OTL. However, it was also successful in democratizing and liberalizing the economy, something the OTL DPRK could not do.

Made from maps by Diamond from and some maps from :iconsregan:.
Manchurian Survival 1950 by kyuzoaoi
Manchurian Survival 1950
The Chinese Communists under Mao Zedong finished off most of the KMT in Mainland China, enough to declare the People's Republic. He is still wary of Zhao Shangzhi of Manchuria, but with the help of his ambassador, Gao Gang, he could hope to control him. 

And as for these peoples, The East Turkestan Republic have become the Uyghur Revolutionary Republic, led by Abdulkerim Abbasov. He had the alphabet of the Uyghurs changed from Arabic to Latin in 1950 and then into Cyrillic in 1995, until the fall of the communist regime caused Uyghuristan to switch back to Latin, although a modified one. The Uyghurs concocted a fused version of Marxism and the earlier form of Jadidism, a modernization movement in Central Asia in the 19th century, but was able to implement it only when Stalin died. 

Phuntsok Wangyal, the Premier of the State (later People's Republic) of Tibet, meanwhile, spared the Dalai Lama, and had, on the precedent of Mongolia in the 1920s, have the Dalai Lama kept as head of state, but under his real name Lhamo Dhomrub. The Dalai Lama's powers in time, were systematically eliminated. 

In Manchuria, Zhao Shangzhi is planning to launch a coup-de-grace of his own: when the North Koreans invaded the South in 1950, Zhao is planning for a counterattack in case the North Koreans fail, which he predicted correctly [he kept this as a secret]. He believed that McArthur would risk losing Japan to save South Korea, and Tokuda of North Japan would intervene. He requested Mao Zedong to send troops to aid in the joint Manchurian-Chinese-North Korean counter-offensive , in which Mao accepted on the condition that: they are commanded by Chinese officers, and they are to be considered "loaned" to the North Korean and Manchurian armies. When the UN forces reached the Yalu river in October, Zhao and Mao ordered a counter-strike.

Manchurian forces are mainly used as air force and armor, the Chinese being used as infantry. The UN forces were nearly defeated in Seoul when the US general had his troops evacuate the Chosin reservoir from the advancing Manchus. The Manchurians even attempted a special force airdrop operation in Jeju Island, but alas, it failed, and the Manchurian paratroopers despite their bravery were wiped out by the South Koreans with little trouble. 

MacArthur then considered a nuclear attack on Manchuria. Zhao Shangzhi got wind of this as was Mao; Zhao warned the West that some of the bases in Manchuria are manned by the Soviet military and it would cause World War III. When MacArthur confided these plans to Truman, Truman had him sacked.

Meanwhile in North Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh is planning to request Mao Zedong for assistance against the French. Mao said that he could not send troops because of the Korean situation at the moment, but he would send arms anyway. Any Chinese volunteers to Vietnam will never be out of the question. Ho was pleased and understood the situation. Perhaps he could do a Zhao Shangzhi-style victory in Vietnam, but his most important general, Vo Nguyen Giap, advised against that and instead advocated a guerrilla war.

Meanwhile in North Japan, Kyuichi Tokuda is still thinking if North Japan should invade the South at all. The South Japanese government had its government not only restored, but given a UN seat as though it controls the whole of Japan. Tokuda warned that he would attack the South on his own, but his deputy Sanzo Nosaka thought this was suicidal. Better to wait for a 'desirable result' in Korea (meaning the conquest of South Korea) before the Japanese plan a reunification war of their own. The result, however, was not partly in their favor.

The map is edited from :iconsregan: and from Diamond from



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