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Nation Profile:

Country Name - Republic of the Philippines

Common Names - the Philippines

Languages - Tagalog/Filipino, English, Spanish [poorly and known as Chavacano], Cebuano, Bicolano, Ilocano, and other dialects

Capital - Manila

Government - Republic

Current President - Benigno Aquino III

Founding Dates - 1898; 1943 [under Japan's aegis]; 1946 [independence re-instated by America]

Physical Age - 20

Human Name - Marina Liwanag

Physical Appearance - a young woman that wears a cream blouse with a pink sash and a pink skirt. Hairstyle is similar to Vietnam's, rather long straight hair in a ponytail and some bangs, but with a jasmine flower and a red headband. Wears clogs. Brings either a broom or a jungle machete. In other times she wears a light-blue maid costume. Her military uniform is green fatigues with odd gray brick camouflage, sometimes, just green fatigues.

Info: A young woman that hides her feelings a lot. Visited and governed by China, Spain, Mexico, England, America, and Japan at times, she retains her own sense of justice. She however, follows America although she admits he is too "immature" for her.

Her backstory is tragic. Found by Spain, she was educated by the latter until she decided to rebel when she realized all she was doing was to pray and serve him, not with all Latin American countries having moved out. However, in fear that the Philippines might be picked up by Germany or Japan, Spain agrees to America's proposal to buy her for about a half a million dollars. She initially tried to resist America but was calmed down when America promised her independence in 1946. However, Japan came in and said that America is lying and promised that Japan, not America, will give him independence. The Philippines chose America, however, and suffered from Japan's bondage and torture, not to mention the shibari scenes that Japan still keeps in his closet.

After independence, she is the new leader of Asia besides China, but her position has been eroded thanks partly to the incompetence of her bosses that at times, she comes out in their maid outfit and clean the houses of other nations. However, she still commands respect with other nations, and at once said that she once threatened Canada with her machete when Canada asked her to stop eating with spoons.

She is BOTH respected and hated by other Asian nations; respected for being a hard worker and weathering crises after crises, but hated especially by the Chinas and Vietnam for being too close to America and for sending people there and renaming some South China Sea islands after her. China, Taiwan, and Vietnam are also angry about the Philippines' quite clumsy behavior when she botched some rescue attempt for Hong Kong.

She also idolizes Francesca [Mexico] for being a role model and being a big sister for her.
Another APH profile. The character is based on :iconmuffincaeks:'s OC, the Philippines.

(C) The Philippines :iconmuffincaeks:
(C) Hetalia by Hidekazu Himaruya
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nice :)
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I gotta say that it's really in character for her. :D
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