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APH OC: Strong Arrow by kyuzoaoi APH OC: Strong Arrow by kyuzoaoi
This is a drawing of my Hetalia Fictional/Hypothetical Character of Manchuria, a short time before she defeated and conquered China in 1644.

It is also for the :iconaccurate-hetalia-ocs: contest. accurate-hetalia-ocs.deviantar…

She is aiming an arrow, possibly at an animal, maybe a swan, a deer, or a cat, which was commonly hunted by Manchus.

Manchurians are noted to be a mix of sedentary and nomadic groups, and they do are indeed influenced by Mongolian culture, down to their writing, originally.

Manchu children at that time were taught to be good hunters and horse riders at an early age. This was important, for it served military purposes as well.

Manchus are said to be good shots in archery, and said to have arrows penetrate two people, but most Manchus shrug this, merely saying they are that accurate and good in archery. In fact, the word Manchu may have come from two words, Mangga, meaning strong, and ju meaning arrow. So Manchu means 'strong and intrepid arrow', and that is the meaning of the red script.

Originally, the Manchu women wore hair in a queue, and at an early age, similar to the men (see the Qing Dynasty movies and note that half-bald, half-queue hairstyle called the soncoho).

Also, Manchurian women never adopted footbinding. They consider it degrading to the more independent-minded Manchu women, and so instead, used regular shoes. Later Manchu women ended up wearing high-heeled shoes, essentially a shoe with a stem sole at the middle of the shoe, to imitate the footbinded Chinese women's movements and to appear taller. In any case, Manchurians are said to be tall, and my OC is no exception: she's about 5'4'' in the modern day.

Hetalia (C) Hidekaz Himaruya and Studio Deen

Manchuria FC: me


The pose comes from:…

Thanks for the pose, :iconsenshistock:! The Last Emperors: A Social History of Qing Imperial Institutions by Evelyn Rawski

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Glad the stock was helpful! :heart:
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