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FA-50 Golden Eagle for the Philippine Air Force by kyuzoaoi FA-50 Golden Eagle for the Philippine Air Force by kyuzoaoi
I had to search through the entire Internet for a blueprint of the t-50 or the FA-50 Golden Eagle. Most I found blurry, so I settled on the best. I found it on:

[link] and made a drawing based on it.

Hypothetically, this belongs to the reactivated 5th Strike Wing of the Philippine Air Force.

There are negotiations underway for the Philippine Air Force to get badly needed attack aircraft. If successful then 12 of the FA-50s will come by 2014-16. I know we needed a more powerful fighter, but the FA-50 would be perfect stepping stone for a full-fledged fighter for the PAF like a MIG-29, a Gripen, or an F-16 or 18.

If :iconpauldy:, :iconboggeydan: read this, I have done this for you!
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asosa15 Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
Yun nga ang maganda eh .. Trainer sa South korea tapos upgraded ng PAF Maintenance Group as a Fighter of the Philippine Air Force .. Wag niyo masyadong madaliin ang pag modernize ng AFP masyadong mahal ang equipments ng ibang bansa ..
krazzerz Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013
This aircraft can be fitted with ELTA EL/M2032 Pulse Doppler radar or even AESA radars from both Raytheon (RACR) and Lockheed Martin (SABR). The South Korean version even have Link 16. So it all depends on what equipment Philippines want to buy with the airplanes.
pauldy Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013
*sigh* Lagi na lang ba hanggang Bulilit na Trainer ang eroplano natin? Lagi nalang ang pinaka-chipipay? Yun ay kung makakabili pa tayo....

Kumpara natin ang territoryo natin sa.. halimbawa, Singapore di hamak na mas malaking ang karamihan ng probinsya dito.. Tapos meron silang Strike Eagle? F-15SG... pinakamodernong versyon ng F-15E.. San nila gagamitin yun? sa Malaysia? Indonesia? o baka naman sa atin?

Nakakaawa naman an estado ng Hukbong Himpapawid natin.. walang eroplanong pangdepensa.. Ni matinong cargo plane, WALA!

Siguro yung mga local carrier dyan sa tabi-tabi, mag-abono na lang.. Total dose-dosena naman sila makahakot ng mga Airbus at iba pang brand new na eroplano eh..

LOL!!!! OA Drama rant.... just joking there ;) but I can say some thoughts there were from observations and facts these days..

Ironic, a small country like Singapore has fighters as big and complex as F-15Es while our bigger country (area wise) has practically nothing.. :(

I do hope this trainer/ligh fighter procurement would push through. It's a sad reality but our Airforce pilots and crew could use any new build aircraft they can get..

Sana naman, wag na lang parating second hand..

Anyways nice work..
asosa15 Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
Like our page for more info's

asosa15 Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
Wag mong masyadong padaliin ang Modernization ng AFP lalo na 122 Billion lang ang Budget ng DND wag kang mag alala may Dove Acquisition sila .. Eto yung mga listahan na bibilhin para sa Air Force natin
kyuzoaoi Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Student Artist
Oo nga...umabot na sa puntong na-daanan na tayo ng China sa Air Force. Kailangan nang talagang gamiting ang pork barrel para ma-improve ang Air Force.
AvroArrow Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013
Current negotiations is for the TA-50 model of the Golden Eagle, which is a advance trainer/ light attack aircraft. The Philippines for nation that no longer even has radar coverage over most its airspace operating even a base line multi-role aircraft such as the FA-50 would be near impossible. The purchase of such aircraft is meant to serve as a advance trainer, maybe as a stretch as a fast air COIN aircraft; this aircraft cannot be fighter because one it lacks a radar, IFF (identify friend or foe), or baseline ECM (electronic counter measure) defence assets.

With all that said, nice drawing dude better then most of the crap you see about the Golden Eagle on the internet.
vanzot Featured By Owner Edited Jul 6, 2014  Professional Artist
we did have a radar system, but not compatible with an aircraft planning to acquire (grippen is highly considered bu the gov.).... that is where the ISPRA comes in... before the negotiations on the aircraft been made, the negotiation on upgrading of the sysytem has been done...

by the way, your user name remind me of the Arrow bu the Canadian company Avro... 
such a nice aircraft, and it's light years ahead of it's time..
migs and sabres would look stupid side by side with the Arrow.. LOL
Canadians really should re-open this program.... they are really an innovator!
What happen to it's program by the way! i hope it's not political like our chopper industry!
AvroArrow Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014
it was political basically the Avro Arrow project was supported by the liberal governments of St. Laurent and then they lost the 1957 to the conservative party of Diefenbaker. Diefenbaker then canned the whole project due to cost and American pressure, the Avro Company collapsed after because they had invested so much capital into the Arrow. After that the Canadian military aerospace industry collapsed as well and was never the same, nor has it ever recovered. On bright side most of the Apollo program scientist were from the Avro Arrow project who went to the USA after the Arrow's cancellation, so in roundabout way Canada played a major role in getting humanity to the moon and back. 
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